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Live Streaming O Channel Online TV Indonesia

Streaming O Channel was founded by MRA Media Group and Emtek with 50% ownership each, which started the trial broadcast on August 2, 2004, then inaugurated on June 16, 2005. However, in 2007, the MRA officially sold the remaining 50% shares O Channel to Emtek, so O Channel is fully controlled by Emtek until now.

O Channel focuses on quality lifestyle and entertainment programs. O Channel will really introduce a new look to television enthusiasts in Indonesia. A television station that displays quality shows, along with a style of presenting existing programs, extends the choice of other television channels for viewers in Jakarta. Live Streaming O Channel has a unique and good ability from their set-up that will help air their programs. The purpose of the establishment of the O Channel Streaming is to produce new standards for the television world that focus and attract the hearts of the people of Jakarta and provide different alternatives for television viewers in Indonesia.